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Meet  the Coaches

Team Hybralete functions as a unit in order to benefit each of our athletes in pursuit of their fitness goals.
All of our coaches work in unison to provide you with the best support, expertise, and skill set that each has to offer.
With Hybralete - You don't settle for just one coach, one personality, one voice. This lifestyle requires perspective -- which is what we uniquely offer here at Hybralete Fitness.

An undeniably different approach to lifestyle and competition coaching.


Meagan is the head female coach and lead nutritional specialist for all clients. She has her Bachelors in Kinesiology with a dual major in Human and Kinetics & Adapted Movement Science. Meagan is Precision Nutrition Certified, and in pursuit of her Master's Degree in Dietetics. As a lifelong athlete, Meagan played college soccer for 5 years, and still holds the all-time school records in goals scored and assists! Meagan also played soccer for Team Canada - where she is originally from.

Coach Meagan has been a competitive bodybuilding athlete herself since 2014 and has been training/coaching since 2015. As a seasoned veteran in the sport and an expert in all things body science - Meagan brings a rare perspective to Hybralete Fitness. She is the backbone of our scientific approach to training and nutrition for both lifestyle and competitive clients, and one of the hardest working coaches in the industry.



Mike is the male head coach for Team Hybralete and specializes in resistance training. Mike played college football and similarly has been an athlete his entire life. Mike has worked with some of the top trainers in the industry and has perfected the art of training to meticulously sculpt one's physique. Mike also holds a Bachelors degree in Business, Precision Nutrition certified, and is our in-house master of all things photography and videography. He uses real-time videography to adjust form, perfect posing, and identify areas in need of improvement. These skills also play a huge role in Mike's ability to view and facilitate the business and support clients.

Mike has been a competitive bodybuilding athlete since 2015 and coach since 2019. Mike accompanies Meagan to each show & goes above and beyond to support athletes, create content, and make show day a memorable experience.


Make the choice, today.

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Chandler aka Chan the Man is our in-house posing coach and certified personal trainer. Sports have been a lifelong pursuit for her, as well as overall health and wellness. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Education, university credits in Nutrition education, as well as being Precision Nutrition certified. Chandler specializes in competitive posing for both male and female athletes as well as lifestyle training. She works with each teammate to design routines that showcase the physique our  coaches and athletes strive to create. 

Chandler has been a personal trainer, coach, and bodybuilding athlete since 2019, all while training alongside Meagan and Mike. She is a client of the couple as a bikini bodybuilding athlete and a close friend of the pair. Chandler brings the rooted side to the team and supports each athlete during all stages of training. She also travels to all Texas shows and acts as our team's MUA for show days/photoshoots.

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Dillon is not only an extremely experienced coach and athlete but also owns a local supplement store in Regina, Canada. Dillon's journey to fitness was unlike many others, as he used the "gift of injury" to develop into one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the industry. He has been training since 2012 and coaching lifestyle clients, competitive powerlifters, and bodybuilding athletes all along the way. Dillon's incredible quest to losing 150lbs is only one of his many crowning achievements. 

Dillon's knowledge of fitness & coaching is supported by courses and certifications such as Bioprint, RTS, N1, FRC - functional range conditioning, CNS - certified nutrition professional, and is interested in studying psychology at a university level.

He is notably also an expert in biomechanics, supplements, a WBFF Pro Cardholder, and Winner of Worlds 2018 Transformation. Dillon is also currently interested in studying the endocrine system and its functions.


Dillon brings to Hybralete Fitness a willingness to coach, support, and learn alongside every athlete and team member. His skills are not only limited to academia and business, as he is just as dedicated to loyalty and the core ethical values within the Hybralete family. 



Pico, owner of Bossletics Gym in Dickinson, Tx started from the ground up. After his baseball career was over he found his second calling,  bodybuilding! He pioneered into his bodybuilding career in 2011 and then began personal training in 2015 out of the garage of his own home. Pico later moved Bossletics into a 900 sqft warehouse, then leveling up once again to where he is currently located now as a fully functioning 5500 sqft training facility as of 2017. 

Coming from a competitive athletic background, Pico hungered for a new challenge and began competing in 2016 placing 3rd in the Open Class of men's physique at his first show, and continuing on his path to compete twice in 2019 placing 5th and 1st in his next two shows under Hybralete coaches Mike and Meagan. His experience and knowledge of resistance training, hypertrophy, and nutrition have been acquired throughout his 6 years of training and have allowed him to change the lives of many lifestyle clients and now has a handful of competitors under his belt. 

Coach Pico specializes in hypertrophy & sports training. He also uses the macros approach when it comes to nutrition and holistic wellness of the body -- as all Hybralete coaches emphasize in their programming. Pico believes in making a diet sustainable for the long term instead of crash diets that lead to failure in the long run. He may be a rookie in the game but he’s the man with the plan! 


Pico brings to Team Hybralete knowledge of training, a "boss up" mentality, and loyalty to his clients, team, and family that are unmatched.  

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