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Meet  the Coaches

Team Hybralete functions as a unit in order to benefit each of our athletes in pursuit of their fitness goals.
All of our coaches work in unison to provide you with the best support, expertise, and skill set that each has to offer.
With Hybralete - You don't settle for just one coach, one personality, one voice. This lifestyle requires perspective -- which is what we uniquely offer here at Hybralete Fitness.

An undeniably different approach to lifestyle and competition coaching.


Meagan is the head female coach and co-owner of Hybralete Fitness. She has her Bachelors in Kinesiology with a dual major in Human Kinetics & Adapted Movement Science. Meagan is Precision Nutrition Certified, and in has achieved certifications through the Institute of Functional Medicine. As a lifelong athlete, Meagan played college soccer for 5 years, and still holds the all-time school records in goals scored and assists! Meagan also played soccer internationally representing Team Canada overseas.

Coach Meagan has been a competitive bodybuilding athlete herself since 2014 and has been training/coaching since 2015. As a seasoned veteran in the sport and an expert in all things body science - Meagan brings a rare perspective to Hybralete Fitness. She is the backbone of our scientific approach to training and nutrition for both lifestyle and competitive clients, and one of the hardest working coaches in the industry.



Mike is the male head coach and co-owner for Team Hybralete and specializes in resistance training. Mike played college football and similarly has been an athlete his entire life. Mike has worked with some of the top trainers in the industry and has perfected the art of training to meticulously sculpt one's physique. Mike also holds a Bachelors degree in Business, Precision Nutrition certified, and is our in-house master of all things photography and videography. He uses real-time videography to adjust form, perfect posing, and identify areas in need of improvement. These skills also play a huge role in Mike's ability to view and facilitate the business and support clients.

Mike has been a competitive bodybuilding athlete since 2015 and coach since 2019. Mike and Meagan do everything they can to be at their athlete's show day, and support their clients in every way possible.



Haley Clark is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach from Atlanta, Georgia, whose journey in the realm of fitness is marked by dedication, passion, and a spiritual approach. With a background as a competitive gymnast spanning an impressive 16 years, Haley has seamlessly translated her athletic skills into a career centered around empowering and helping others.

Having undergone significant physical and mental transformations herself, Haley understands the profound joy that comes from becoming the best possible version of oneself. Haley ventured into the world of competitive body building in 2023. Her commitment to excellence culminated in a victory at her first NPC bikini competition, setting the stage for her transition from athlete to mentor and coach.  Her own transformation serves as both a testament to resilience and an inspiration for others. Haley recognizes that true well-being encompasses more than just physical fitness—it involves nurturing a positive mindset and fostering spiritual growth. Through her coaching endeavors, she aspires to share the joy she found in her own journey with women eager to embark on their paths of self-discovery.



Scott's love for Health and Fitness started at a young age. Growing up in the vibrant outdoor sports culture of California, he eventually found he had a talent for running, and competed as a Track and Field athlete in High School and College. After taking his first weight lifting class during off season track, Scott discovered the transformative power of lifting weights correctly; unlocking a passion that would shape his life's purpose.  Motivated by the desire to help others unveil their untapped potential, he embarked on a mission to learn as much as possible about the Fitness Industry. He studied Exercise Science and Nutrition in College, and acquired his first CPT Certification in 2010 from the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA).  He went on to work as a Student Representative for ISSA, aiding fellow aspiring trainers in reaching their goals. Scott's commitment to fitness reached new heights when he competed in his first Bodybuilding Show as a Classic Physique Competitor. This experience fueled his love for the industry, and propelled him on a mission to guide individuals on a transformative journey.  He aims to help them break through self-imposed barriers and discover a life filled with purpose, excitement and contentment through their physical well-being.  Believing that the key to a fulfilling life lies in overcoming personal obstacles, Scott is ready to help as many people as possible get out of their own way, and by focusing on physical health, he aims to inspire positive change in all aspects of life.

With 13 years of hands-on experience, Scott is thrilled to make the leap from in-person training to online coaching.  By embracing this digital platform, he aims to reach a broader audience and guide individuals worldwide towards discovering their own potential!


Lea is the team posing coach. From the start of her bodybuilding career in 2019, she has had an eye for posing. Lea spent 10 years practicing rhythmic gymnastics, and grew up watching a lot of runway shows. She's always had an interest in modeling, and posing comes very natural to her!


What Lea loves about teaching posing is seeing her clients gain confidence to showcase the physique they work so hard for. She believes that posing is just as important as your training or your nutrition; you can have the best physique but if you do not know how to show it properly to the judges in a way that will enhance your best features you won’t place where you deserve. 


Lea has learned posing and how to teach it through the years by studying videos of the top Bikini Olympians, working with some of the best posing coaches and shadowing Coach Meagan during her teaching classes.


Lea works with both Hybralete Fitness athletes as well as non Hybralete athletes!  

Make the choice, today.

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