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Tracking Macros like a Boss - Ebook

Tracking Macros like a Boss - Ebook



Finally ready to take some steps toward healthy living? Seasoned veteran in the gym, but not in the kitchen? Mr. Bossletics himself has you covered.


This Ebook breaks down all the basics of what macronutrients are, how to track them by hand, how to track using simple and free apps on your phone, and more. If you are tired of not seeing results after tireless hours in the gym... its time to BOSS UP! Nothing you do in the gym will make the changes you seek if what you do in the kitchen is absolete. Food is fuel, and Pico and the Hybralete fitness team ensure that all of their clients, as well as outside athletes, get the proper and correct information on macronutrient health. 


Download the Ebook and get started TODAY toward a better tomorrow! 

  • Copy Right

    E-book copyrights provide the sole rights of it to only the author or the creator of the E-book. The law strictly states that it does not provide any rights to any individuals who physically possess the E-book. So the purchasing or the downloading of an E-book does not include any copyright rights.

    You may not copy, resale, or use TRACKING MACROS LIKE A BOSS as your own works. All Copy Rights are reserved by Pico Cardenas and Bossletics Fitness LLC.

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